Tones for Autumn

My wardrobe has seen more changes this year than it has any other year; multiple clear-outs and a shift in style. The only thing that’s remained consistent is the colour palette. Though we’ve finally entered the season of warm tones. I’ve been wearing all shades of beige since the start of 2019’s glacial winter. The colours I like the most are coffee, caramel and fawn.

Despite being the inception of miserable weather, there’s something memorable about autumn styling. My favourite part of the season is the cosy layering; coming home from work and changing into oversized, snug jumpers. While my entire aesthetic leans towards the warm section of the colour wheel, this portion of the year makes it effortless to embrace and shop nature’s hues. I’m looking forward to matching fiery sunsets.

For some time jumpers have been a signature piece to my outfits. Mainly due to how versatile they are and are pretty comfortable to wear. Through the hot and cold weathers different styles of jumpers have been made to adapt to all climates, the density of the fabric varying. Majority of my knitwear comes from Mango and H&M. Who stock a variety of light and extra-thick knitwear.

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