A little space for creativity

I’m always jotting down ideas of all the new things I want to try. If I pulled together all the sheets of paper with to-do bullet points and cross-outs, you will find flying lessons and indoor skydiving in there somewhere.

I want to learn and experience segments of almost everything. Somewhere rooted deep within me, is a dislike for being stagnant. I can’t sit in one place for too long and do nothing unless I’m sat by the canal. Keeping busy and taking on new challenges all in the form of hobbies unlocks a new part of me. Becoming familiar with a new skill is pretty exciting. Although I haven’t taken on flying lessons. keeping my feet firmly on the ground I’ve been practising poetry. With my creative side, I’ve been looking into practical, hands-on craft-work. I’ve always had a keen eye for calligraphy. Instead of workshops and courses, I’m using YouTube as my source to practise. At beginners level with my Biro pen, I google-searched “learn calligraphy with a Biro pen” and Google delivered. I now have no excuse not to learn. The list doesn’t end here, this is just the start.

Learning something new is daring but also spurs positive beliefs. It gives me faith that I’m capable of taking on neoteric challenges. My self-doubt in the past has always held me back from new experiences. But now here I am gradually trying all the things I once said I couldn’t do. Curiosity finally got the better of me.

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