More tea, please

Make that a hot chocolate for me. Though I drink this hot beverage during the warm months too, the size of the mug has changed immensely, small is now large. 

When you live in one of the coldest urban environments and are used to four seasons of rain, you know exactly when to switch up your routine. The size (of the mug) really matters. What I wasn’t expecting after a very nice early autumn heatwave, was the overnight shift from the extremely hot to freezing cold. No gradual warning, no adding an extra layer day by day. No, I went straight from wearing a t-shirt to donning three tiers and a coat. 

My hands first and foremost witness the brutality of the cold. My skin dries up like no other. In preparation for the chilly months and care for my skin, I’m busy decluttering and applying all my unused face and body products to my hands. One way of reaching the pan of unwanted products. 

While I’m plucking out every dermatologically tested cream and generously applying them all over my hands. I’m also raiding my kitchen cupboard, reaching into dark corners for that naturally approved ingredient I live by, traditional green tea. I’ve heard a lot of old wives’ tales about this one. Praise for its organic benefits has circulated around for years. As a part of every other aunties at hand tried and tested contribution to beauty hacks.

Tea, of course, is great for social catch-ups, but even better once it becomes a beauty formula. What’s good for my body is great for my skin. Over the years I’ve accumulated too many boxes of green tea, that have never made their way into a waiting teacup and most likely never will. The love and attention some food receive is never permanent (for me). However, this little number deserves more for its role, being anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-acne and anti-eye bags.

As I’m in the motion of minimizing, I’m routinely brewing up a sachet or two to soak my feet in, for that perfect autumn afternoon TLC. A cup of hot chocolate and a book, a notepad or my phone are never too far from reach. I’m all for doing two things at the same time.

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