You look so good

“Why thank you” with an ear to ear smile, was my short and quick response to my friend’s comment (title). Due to lockdown, this was our very first coffee get together. Quarantine gave us plenty to talk about, I wasn’t sure an hour or two would be enough to cover it all.

With our sweet tooth dominating at that hour. My friend and I entered my local dessert place. We’ve visited once before, so I know it for its delicious Nutella crepes and large servings. Being a picky and boring eater, I went for my special, Nutella and their original fluffy (as the baker described it) waffle. As the only diners, we took our obliging time finding the right place to sit, which happened to be at right at the far end. 

Whilst waiting for the desert and drinks to arrive at our bare table, we picked up on the conversation we left whilst ordering our food. We covered every topic that chasmed our time apart and we bridged them together with my favourite subjects mindfulness and self positivity books. Motifs that captivate my mind. With our waffles soon placed between us and chocolate messily being drizzled off our spoons, the conversation was only going to get better.

In all maturity, my mere food art had me thinking about drawing as I did when I was a child. When I confidently believed I could draw the perfect circle or straight lines and felt proud of every attempt, when every scribble or squiggle made sense. Before anyone and myself included could tell me I was doing it all wrong and compared every painting to those created by others. Aside from drawing I want to have a tea party that looks like it’s been set up by the mad hatter, a mismatch of floral cups and plates filled with slices of cake in every shade of chocolate.

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