Here’s to feeling good.

With the new restrictions looming over our heads. I’m slowly beginning to see friends as I once used to at parks or coffee shops, following the new limit rules, of course.

This week I met another friend who I hadn’t seen in months given the dicey plight. Despite the rain dampening our plans of visiting Regents Park. We still made the most of the day. Going up against the chilly breeze, we wandered through central London with our umbrellas above our heads 90% of the time. 

I arrived at our chosen destination (regent’s park) earlier than planned. While the weather was still dry I went for a little stroll in the park, took up a spot on a bench and pulled out my book. In the midst of reading, I could hear the sound of bags being dragged. I looked up to see a young girl in a regents park gardeners uniform, pulling two large bin bags. She looked in my direction and sweetly smiled. I returned the friendly greeting. Even from a distance and as busy as she was her smile was warm and genuine. I continued to read my book until I saw droplets of rain mark the open page. Cue for me to pack up , I left the park and took shelter under a bus stop, waited here for my friend’s arrival.

Once my friend had arrived we scrapped our plan of visiting Regents Park and walked towards Baker Street in the quest of finding someplace dry to sit, more specifically Costa Coffee. As we both know there is one almost everywhere and never too far. As soon as we entered a quiet Costa, we were quick to find ourselves a table. Whilst ordering my hot chocolate, I was served by some friendly baristas. I didn’t let their hospitality go unnoticed and added it to my encounter of good vibes, in the hope it will enclose me into a positive energy orb. Settled in a discrete corner, I pulled out my pink book and a notepad to endeavour in a few affirmation exercises. This took us a while as we talked every time we stopped to think about what to write next. My pen never left my hand.

Our next stop was Konditor and Cook, the closest bakery to us was off Tottenham Court Road. We walked the full length of Oxford Street, yet kept to the quieter side roads. Though it was a long stroll a breath of fresh air was welcomed. At the bakery, I spoke to the guy behind the counter as he served me. We shared a pleasant conversation and the three of us wholeheartedly laughed together. Another good vibe encounter added to my now growing list. 

We lastly visited Wingstop to get some food. Everything went smoothly from the ordering down the food arriving at our table, from the first delicious bite to the last, from staying put to the kind waitress taking away the trays. As she cleaned the table I picked up one of the clean tissues, with a smile she passed me the rest of the unused tissues.  I thanked her for doing that. It was a small gesture but a kind one that didn’t go unnoticed, as her smile grew.

My friend and I both commented on the number of friendly interactions we had today. With what I’ve learnt over the past couple of months positivity starts from within. To radiate peace takes some practising, but it is well worth it. Shifting my mindset has been my biggest achievement to date. As I continue to learn I look forward to meeting the amazing people I cross paths with.

If you made it this far thank you.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to feeling good.

  1. We’re starting to get restrictions here in NJ in the US as well (it’s weird cause it’s not our country who’s actually trying to combat Covid, and so our state is starting to lock down). Starting this thursday, things are going to start being stricter. I think they’re going to close even more things down as the winter progresses, since our numbers have continued to go up. Sending you strength xxx

    Melina |

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