The new normal

Almost every time I leave my house, I feel a light void as though something is missing. I do half a 360, having to quickly rush back to retrieve my forgotten face mask. Picking it up from where I had placed it, a spot that can’t be missed but can be evidently overlooked. Today’s chosen mask is black with colourful florets, completing my day’s outfit and complimenting my eye makeup. There are now tutorials for this trending all over YouTube. Alongside lower face facials for the new arising whiteheads.

I quietly re-exit my house for the second time, in the hope of being unnoticed. Eight months on and I’m still not used to the new normal. Forgetting my mask has now become a thing, a funny thing, an annoying thing, an actual thing. 

I bought my assortment of classical floral masks from Liberty London. Created using 100% tana lawn cotton, they’re reusable and last through several washes. I opted for a set of five randomly picked prints that contained mostly darker shades. As I find they suit me better, that and black goes with pretty much everything. I may as well protect myself and others in style. 

Face masks help create a safeguarding barrier to prevent respiratory droplets from travelling further into the air. With safety in mind, many designers are mastering the art of face covering. Some face masks are disposable while others are longer-lasting, some come in fancy print while their counterparts are plain and simple, some feature monogrammed trims while a few are embossed with coloured studs. The growing options are endless.

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