Making 2020 count

Novembers fast approaching, the one thing I can’t freeze is the seconds that tick by. It was only yesterday that I welcomed October, made plans with friends and for this blog. Now It feels strange to say 2021 is almost upon us. Though I am looking forward to seeing the end of 2020, I don’t want to see this year as a complete washout, with just two months to go.

Throughout the months and especially during the first lockdown, I laughed along to all the memes that kept popping up all over my social media. It was like a battle of the funniest. Earth has indeed taken its land back and the animals were taking over. The pictures of sheep strolling down residential streets and deers lounging in open parks were the best sighting. Though I wish I had witnessed them myself. Humour did take away those lifeless feelings of worries that I can’t change and staring at empty chocolate wrappers. 

I don’t want to see the remaining two months derailed because of all the uncertainty. Instead, I want to embrace what is, write lists, make plans and set achievable goals. Putting my best interests on the forefront, with a little pampering here and there and some internal self-care through books and podcasts. A walk won’t just be a walk, it will be a form of exercise whilst listening to a speech on self-worth. Lounging won’t just be sitting on my chair, it will be my favourite drink in one hand a book in the other.

With the festive duo’s I want to celebrate my wins.

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