Day 4 of lockdown 2.0: Calming morning routine

Though I’m not following a precise hour to hour daily plan. I still penned a list of all the things I find relaxing and would like to incorporate into my morning routine, which currently consists of skincare and journaling. 

My routine is a work in progress, every day new things are being added, I learn as I go. Presently, I have no time limit or curbs. My morning grind can leisurely roll over into the afternoon, depending on how much I take on. With almost 30 days of what I’d like to call hibernation, I want the start of my day, my mind and my thoughts to be calm. 

I’m a great believer of positive, moderate habits fusing into valuable changes. This morning after carrying out my skincare regime, I switched on my computer and typed YouTube into the address bar. I knew exactly what I was looking for. I searched for the YouTuber, Leeor Alexandra. In her videos, Leeor talks a lot about the law of attraction, manifestation and meditation. What gravitates me to her channel is her positive vibes. 

In the dawn of November, Leeor started a 30 day live meditation series. Missing the live viewings of the first seven days I decided to start where possible and playback. The first meditation was almost forty-five minutes. In the intro, she explained all the details as you got yourself ready and into a calm space. As briefed I had my journal and pen ready to write down the goals I wanted to achieve, the worries I wished to dismiss and the gains I’d like to make. With all this fresh in mind the meditation started and lasted around 20 mins. Throughout being still, sitting straight and light breathing, my thoughts wandered through the blackness of my mind. I watched the reels of my notions play, streaming from one scene to the next. I felt calm as the interruptions came and went, not letting the hiatus bother me. The whole idea of meditation is to practice being present and conscious of the moment.

Once the meditation was over I retrieved my journal and started off by writing my affirmations. My prevailing thoughts dwell in my journal. They present me with many things to be grateful for and remove ingrained negativity

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