Day 11 lockdown 2.0: Working with the weather

I’m not going to lie, I’m really enjoying staying at home this time around. Maybe because I’m better prepared, I have more of an understanding, I don’t feel so restricted or locked up at home. Plus the weather has backed that notion and has teamed up with me.

As the rain heavily pours down, dampening any outdoor plans, I’ve postponed my walk to the canal for a drier day, brighter day. One that doesn’t involve soaked boots or carrying an umbrella. With a cup of hot chocolate beside me, I have plenty of reading to do. But before I reach for a new book, I’ve got a little Photoshop to take care of. It’s been a while since I drew anything. A line a day turned into a line a month (make that a few). Months ago I would’ve felt terrible for my lack of motivation. But now I just see it as a break that was needed. 

Sticking to lines, I created something very simple. I’m leaning away from extravagant detailed patterns and closer to simplicity. I like indulging in a bit of abstract and collaborating that with something contemporary. When I first began practising single line drawings, I promptly added a few pieces to Pinterest to see how the statics would flow. The results were something I needed to see, I was happy to see some of the pieces being saved into different folders, pushing me to try something new.

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