Day 18 lockdown 2.0: Setting a positive mood

Leaving behind a dissipating trail of wicker smoke and the lingering smell of wax, I walked into my room carrying a lit candle, nesting within a decorative tin. Placing the scented candle down on my dresser, I sat and hypnotically watched the single flame grow to its full potential, dancing to its aleatory choreography. The occasion? Well, my room needed some mellow mood-lifting and I, a sense of escapism. As it’s quite literally the season of hibernation, I’m fully immersed with all things relaxing. 

Setting an adorning scene, I filled my room with an ataractic aura. Culling this candle for its soft, enticing french linen aroma. Though the scent isn’t as strong as I’d like for it to be, having it burn still gave my mood and nose some sniffing pleasure. To help cover the lack of fragrance I opened a blossom scented sachet from Primark. I attempt to be fully prepared with lockdown 2.0. Having experienced one already, I know no days are the same and there will be a few unsettling moments internally. My scented candles are ready to burn out whatever is burning me out.

With the word calm scrawled over the lid, my wax-scent-sational bundle of joy filled the air and my mood with a little calmness. Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. Some scents have a way of evoking certain emotions depending on the aroma. Subconsciously releasing triggers that signal familiar senses and positive uplifting energy. To name a few fragranced benefits; Lavender is known to reduce stress, rose eases tension, ylang-ylang boosts emotional wellbeing and jasmine reduces symptoms of anxiety. 

 A candle is more than just a single flicker of flame, a book weight, a shelf decor and easy on the eyes. It’s a vibe setter, a mood lifter that lightens up a dark winter’s evening with its modest, fiery glow.

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