Day 21 Lockdown 2.0: Discovering my local

The other day my friend and I were talking about manifesting our future goals. Some of which I think maybe unrealistic, but still a dream. I mentioned one of my unrealistic goals is to leave the country every time I feel down. The chances of this happening is 40%, but not as often as I’d like. I told her my most realistic goal, for now, would be to see myself through each day, with a mind full of calmness. Another goal of mine is to take pictures for the blog. 

We discussed our intentions in open greenery as we walked through Hackney Marshes, a large patch of green land in East London. Making the most of the dappled sunshine, like magnets we strolled on the paths that met the rays. Giving us a full feel of the heated beam. Being fully present mindfully, I paid attention to everything that was around me, connected entirely to my surroundings. We started our journey through Jubilee Park. I was slightly surprised to see that we were not the only strollers looking to enjoy a breath of fresh air. There was enough room to keep two-meter distances. 

Sticking to walking on concrete paths, we ambled between rows of seedlings bordering the trails. The gentle rustle of trees brought a sense of countryside to the exploit. I noticed the leaves as they freely fell to the ground, adoring the ones with striking shades of red, caused by pigments called anthocyanins. Crossing the bridge over Orient Way, led us deeper into the marsh. We walked through stretched meadows dotted with picnic benches and towards lanes that became tighter and doubled into multiple routes. 

There were signposts at the end or beginning of each path to tell us exactly where we were and what we would come upon. According to the map, our next stop was the waterworks nature reserve and were told what species we could possibly discover. Not much of a fan of insects I continued on until we came to a stop at a gazebo made out of tree branches. We stopped to have a little break and sat on tree logs in the centre of the gazebo. Our last before heading back to the car populated roads

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