Day 22 Lockdown 2.0: Stepping out in style

Chilly days are upon us. Though I’ve only felt fragments of Summer and Autumn. Let’s not talk about Spring; if it weren’t for my hourly walks and trips to Tesco, I would’ve missed my favourite season entirely. 

I’m entering Winter 2020 with a brand new coat that I’ve been promising myself for the past two years. It’s taken me this long to find a coat that I can’t fault. Coat shopping can be quite discouraging and has been put off for months, if not years. They are the timeless, centerpieces of almost all British weather. However, with my small frame, outerwear doesn’t suit me as much as I would like for it too. The rules for my petite self are very strict. Standing tall at 5,2 I find coats very bulky, overwhelming and often feel like I’m drowning in them. If it’s not the height it’s the waist fitting, if it’s not the shoulder pads being too big it’s the arm length being too long. Like other pairs of clothing, there are certain styles I need to avoid.

With all the given time, I took on the challenge. I searched high and low, through the darkest corners of the internet to attain the one coat that will catch my eye and be a staple outfit for many winters to come. I almost ceased to believe the right coat existed. Half gave up the search until Lipsy came out with a collarless and almost shoulder-padless coat in beige, for their new fall and winter collection. I instantly fell in love with the look and description. After a thorough inspection of zooming into the images, the coat made its way into my basket and soon on to my doorstep in its protective plastic Next packaging.

Now that I’ve got my classical, versatile coat hanging in the wardrobe. I’m looking forward to lockdown ending soon, so I can wear out my favourite winter investment. Pairing it up with casual day looks and elegant evening glam ups. The clean-cut vertical lines create a flattering silhouette. 

Yes, I’ve already styled the coat with various looks.

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