My thoughts on paper.

If there’s something lockdown has taught me it’s appreciating positive energy. Over the past week, I’ve become more observant, gravitating towards good vibes. Holding on to pleasant moments for as long as I possibly can. However, this hasn’t always been the case as I encountered negative energy by those who don’t count patience as a virtue. 

The other day, I saw a woman gradually become impatient as she waited for the lift. I watched her turn to the side and walk away, just as the lift had arrived. Had she waited a few more seconds, the doors would’ve opened for her and she’d be on her way. I was too far to tell her the lift was there, nor did I wish to shout from the opposite end of the room. As I looked on all I saw was impatience turn into confusion and haste in the mission of searching for the stairs. What’s more on the right side of the lift doors is a small screen that displays what floor the lift is currently on. 

As a very silent spectator, I couldn’t help but relate to the scene that played out In front of me with my very own journey through self-love. Even with clues, hints and answers boldly scrawled right in front of me I still don’t see them. I at times need open door clarity and the obvious pointed out. Otherwise, I’d just wander on in confusion and out of haste in the wrong direction. With these little life lessons, I’m learning it only takes a couple of seconds and a few kind words of affirmations for some positive self-love and to be as chill as I aspire to be.

My long term goals are currently to be fully relaxed.

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