Day 3 Lockdown 3.0: No introductions needed

It’s been a hot minute. For the past couple of days, I’ve been in blank canvas mode. Every time I came close to sitting in front of the drawing board, my canvas grew, doubling its size. It was colossal enough for me to sleep under. While it’s a joy to own a canvas aka Photoshop and Doc. I still missed filling them in with sprinkles of words and dashes of lines. I’d reach for the tarpaulin, my fingertips lightly touring an imperceptible drawing, that was only visible in my mind. I was relying on time, allowing the moment of stillness to have its concord. Although I know all too well it doesn’t take long for the ink of worry to stain an entire day.

While the ink is now drying up, here’s a single line drawing I recently worked on. She’s beautiful despite all the chaos.

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