Day 5 Lockdown 3.0: Aka hibernation 3.0

And, here we go again…

Exactly three weeks ago I excitedly waved goodbye to what I assumed would be the last lockdown of 2020. I was back at work, sitting outside in the fresh air having lunch when the weather allowed it. However, little did I know within weeks of returning to my favourite spot to eat, I’d once again be going back into hibernation. Surprised? Not quite. Nothing shocks me any longer, I’m just taking each day as it comes.

When the announcement of tier 4 was made, I had a few hours to prepare. And, I did absolutely nothing, well apart from buying myself a hot chocolate from Costa Coffee. Outside Stratford Westfield, I found myself a place to sit on a bench. The only uncovered slab of wood, wide enough for one. I  watched on as a broad queue of last minute shoppers grew by the second in its tens.

Today, as I pile-up my unread self-help books ready to read and make a list of all the podcasts I hope to listen to. I’m giving this lockdown a different name, hibernation 3.0. Helping me approach it with a more positive mindset. While there is no knowing when this phase will end. I can say with some experience, I have a better understanding of how to approach each day. The one good thing lockdown 1.0 did for me is release negative thoughts that were lurking in corners of my mind I never knew existed. I learnt to let them go by writing about things, instead of ignoring the worries that bothered me. This helped me a great deal, a finer way of shuffling through more smoothly.

Here’s to hibernation 3.0.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Lockdown 3.0: Aka hibernation 3.0

  1. I’m sorry to hear things are locking down over there. Things are a bit of a mess here in the US as well. The numbers are going up, but they recently allowed indoor sports to resume (in NJ)? Idk, I’m honestly just a bit confused by it all. Numbers are expected to go up after the holidays (things haven’t been very restrictive over here). I’m hoping we get to a new normal sooner rather than later. Sending you lots of positivity xxx

    Melina |

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    1. Hey, Yeah it was very short notice. I also thought it would only last two weeks but now there is no idea how long we’ll be in this lockdown for. I’ve got family in California and they said they’re in lockdown as its increased a lot over there. Me too I hope things begin to get better soon especially with the vaccine. I hope you’re safe.

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