Day 7 Lockdown 3.0: More than resolutions

The last few frosty nights of 2020 are upon us. I’m busy spending them the only way I know best, overly booked. Curled up on my chair. With a throw wrapped loosely around me. No longer feeling the chill of December. I have my current read on mindfulness resting comfortably on my lap. The only thing missing from my hands is a warm cup of smooth hot chocolate.

This coming year I’m embracing things a little differently. I haven’t thought twice about writing a resolutions list. Instead, I discovered something new (for me), I’m simplifying the list to a single word. That will be my focus and guidance for the new year. After much thought, my inspiring word for 2021 is “calmness”. It’s meaningful and I’ve probably overused it throughout my blog. I held on to it for most of 2020 and intentionally will continue to do so. Calmness is a quite cosy night in. A good book that I never want to put down. It’s drinking hot cocoa with great company.

My determination is to be the better version of me, more positive, calm (that word again) and relaxed. I’m not going to endure tomorrow as I did yesterday. Each day is a given, a chance to learn and grow. I’m using this as an excuse to slow down, reflect and rejuvenate. 

Shifting forward, with no resolutions in mind, the only lists I’m making are of affirmations and gratitude. Personal growth doesn’t come with a set timing. I just can’t put a date on emotions. Along with all the life lessons I’ve learnt this year I’m motivated by natural fresh starts and short goals.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 Lockdown 3.0: More than resolutions

  1. Yes. I always strive to be the best version of me. That’s all I want. Not the glitz and glamour, nor the fast cars. Just the contentment of knowing that I’ve done the best that I absolutely could. Here’s to a great 2021.

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