Day 12 Lockdown 3.0: Preparing for a quiet New Years.

While I wait to say goodbye to a difficult year, I thought it would be a good excuse to joyfully and positively welcome 2021. As a self-proclaimed non-beauty expert. I decided to get a little creative with some of the eyeshadow palettes I’ve accumulated over the years. Swatched a few glittery hues and blended some matte colours together to make the perfect shade of brown. I’m after a specific tone of either copper, chestnut or mahogany, primarily a reddish-brown. Honestly, this is the only colour I wear proudly. I still lust over the no makeup, makeup look. With nude shades I know I won’t mess up the blending, what could possibly go wrong with a colour that is barely visible. While I easily have over 7 palettes possibly 10, I always go back to the same one, where there’s more pan than eyeshadow. With nowhere to go apart from the bathroom sink (to wash off the makeup), I’m taking full advantage of the situation, by being a little adventurous for this New Year’s occasion. The joys of raiding my makeup bag. 

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Lockdown 3.0: Preparing for a quiet New Years.

  1. omg, I thought I was going to bring in the new year all dressed up at home. In the end I showered, and instead of blow drying my hair and dressing up, I ended up letting my hair air dry and jump into some pjs.
    It was definitely a bit weird for sure, but I guess it was good to embrace how non-celebratory I felt. xxx

    Melina |

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