Day 13 lockdown 3.0: Happy positive new year

It was the night everyone was waiting for. I watched the minutes tick by until the clock hit 00.00. On cue without a seconds delay, simultaneously the bells started ringing. The cheers could be heard from my slightly open bedroom window, where I stood and watched the vista light up from all angles, with fireworks propelled up into the sky. As different households celebrated separately yet together. 

Midnight drew a line on many negative attributes that had unwelcomingly attached themselves to my life. At the count of 10, each final second was a farewell to everything I’m leaving behind in 2020. The year that taught me more lessons than any other before it; to reflect and let go, to acknowledge my personal conquests and celebrate them, to manifest and be grateful, to accept what is and not expect change without effort.

I awoke this morning at 9 am, as I have done every other day during the lockdown. With no devoir to get up early, I’m making the most of it. Staying in bed I said a little prayer and looked over a vision board I created digitally. With images of my aspirations in mind, I got up to start the day based on my dreams and goals. Nothing new there, except for my conscious effort to be a better person every day. 

I’m not claiming this year but I will say here’s to a premeditated positive year.

My word for 2021 is “Calmness”.

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