Day 14 lockdown 3.0: Embrace the beautiful mess.

Jan 2nd: Looking over my written words in a ruled journal. I noticed how some of the letters didn’t touch the grey line. Though none overlapped, they just sat unevenly. It made me wonder how nothing in life follows a straight line even with provided guides. I can make as many plans as I wish to, write short and long descriptive lists. But like my askew letters no matter how neat my handwriting is, it won’t all be straight. 

With life there’s no guarantee of anything being simple, there are messy, spontaneous, unexpected turns, bumps and obstacles. Some I may see coming a mile off, others I won’t notice until I collide into them. It’s as though life’s an imitation of a geode painting made from resin, pigments and minerals. Without the textures, curves and smoothness, the art wouldn’t be as admirable. The same can be said about life, depending on how we approach the disarray. 

Embrace the beautiful mess.

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