Day 15 lockdown 3.0: A world without perfection

Jan 3rd: For a large part of the day my camera kept me busy. Planning, shooting and editing photos. I pulled out a number of ribbed jumpers in various tones of beige. Overlooking the very similar shades and styles, it’s fair to say these are my favourite go-to items that will grace my closet for many seasons to come. I Folded and stacked them neatly yet not evenly upon each other like a paint swatch. Taking at least ten pictures from different angles and distances. Out of the whole set, I selected two photos that looked right to me, not perfect just right. I’m not pursuing perfection in anything I do, as that’s a dull and pointless endeavour. I’m headed in the opposite direction, where creativity, discipline and dedication are my pictures only narration. Spending a little time editing the pictures, I concentrated on the exposure and contrast. Not wanting to retouch too much, I scarcely touched any additional Photoshop tool. I’m not dismayed by a button out of place or a few fabric creases. 

Going out for a spot of fresh air, I reflected on the beautiful mess I merrily call my life. I love the imperfections that exist within it and couldn’t imagine a world without flaws. 

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