Day 16 lockdown 3.0: Celebrating our differences

Jan 4th: Out for a relaxing stroll, I walked around a quiet yet warm Westfield that was open for essential shops. Getting a hot chocolate, I braved the chill and sat outside for a while. Spent a little time on my phone reflecting over my next blog post, drank my hot beverage and watched everything happening around me. Being cooped inside for too long made it more worthwhile to see movement, smiles and laughter.

This was the first time in history that I hadn’t checked the BBC weather report before stepping out. The breakaway from grey skies was enough for me to leave my umbrella at home. Sheltered by a glazed roof canopy, I didn’t know when the rain had started or how heavy it fell. Too busy being mindful of my adjacent surroundings. What I saw was individuality. We share some similarities yet are so different from one another. I briefly overheard many conversations from those walking by, each dissimilar in discussion and tone; some loud, some quiet, some funny, some serious. My drink had finished, yet I stayed longer than I needed, as I internally revelled in their/ our striking differences.

Last year I cherished my positive thoughts, this year I’m praising all the things that make myself and others unique. I appreciate how distinctive we all are and know there are many positive experiences I’m yet to learn firsthand.

Proclaiming my calibre that makes me interesting. I’m drawn to crimes and thriller novels. I like to travel, to experience new and different cultures. I like discovering different ways of making hot chocolate and drinking hot beverages in the middle of summer. I like discovering new trails along the canal. 

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