Day 17 lockdown 3.0: My own muse

Jan 5th: A few hours of delving in art, is just what the doctor prescribed. I cherish the days when inspiration builds up within me. Dwelling in the moments motivation is on my side. Appreciating the little spring in my creativity. I jump at the chance to draw, be it simple, lined and without colour.

My muse is the courage that peacefully resides within me. When I sit down to draw I feel empowerment igniting a light of passion. This all I need to keep me on a prudent path to reach my own personal goals. Even with roadblocks, I hear my intuition whispering “be patient”. Like a song that I can’t get out of my head, I listen over and over to the muse in me, turning art and patience into a personal language.

When motivation steps through ajar doors, I embrace it with open arms, like meeting an old friend. Together we sit and draw in harmony, like the smooth curves of my latest drawing

2 thoughts on “Day 17 lockdown 3.0: My own muse

  1. I doodle more than draw, and I find that the act soothes me, slows my mind, and is a form of meditation. It does allow me to appreciate the difference between slow thinking and being wired. Thanks for sharing, btw!

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