Day 18 lockdown 3.0: Creating a vision Board

Jan 6th: 2021 started off Inspiringly. Last week I took part in a vision board challenge coached by Tabassum Sabir. Tabassum broke the challenge down into a course of 7 days through Facebook live (which can be played back); methodically covering mindful topics like affirmations, visualising and manifesting. She gave insightful guidance, passionately detailing the thoughts and process of making a vision board and helpfully interacted with her novice audience.

Excited, I immediately started collecting images digitally through Rounded up a small selection of pictures that resonate with my current dreams and goals. Downloaded enough to fill a digital A4 page. However, the more I look at my vision board the more I add. Dream big or go home, right. While I’m already indoors I may as well pick the former option.

Today, travelling on the bus I passed by a few places that reminded me of the content on my vision board. Throughout the rest of the journey that was all, I could focus on. I mentally laid out short term plans on reaching my visioned goals. 

Vision boards are a mindful exercise, where images speak more efficiently than words. They’re a visualised and creative way of setting clear intentions and bringing desires to life. Feelings should be the main locus over want. I learnt about adding trinkets from past events where energy was felt and experienced positively. This can be a memento of some sort from a day at the spa or a picture from an unforgettable holiday.

For my physical vision board; I’m collecting note cards with positive quotes, postcards of art that inspire me, adding words I want to live by and cutting a few holes into my magazines. Once I get some blu tack I will affix these to a place in my room that will drown me with dreams. 

The beauty of it all there are no set rules, it’s all about the vibration.

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