Day 19 lockdown 3.0: Lessons around us.

Jan 7th: Growing to love my walks even in this weather. For a spot of fresh air, I braved the chill, sat outside Stratford Westfield for as long as I could. The result, I only lasted ten minutes. I left the bench to wander inside the colossal mall for a warm stroll across three floors.

On my way home I passed by a park and saw a couple of guys playing basketball.Feeling a little chill, I noticed not a single person wore a jacket. One was even bold enough to play in a t-shirt. I watched on with sniffles, a little stunned, a little amazed. Though of course, running around a basketball court dribbling a ball would’ve warmed him up from within. Muscles generate heat whilst exercising as they produce more energy. A Little like the self-confidence that resides in our heart and mind. Once we consistently put in the hard work with time and practise our self-love and worth is conditioned.

I’ve come to learn the only hand that can walk me through my inner dark and light paths is mine. To reach the true feeling of acceptance, loved and enough can only be done solo. Sure I’ll struggle and trip up in the darkness, but I’ll be there to pick myself up. Once I’m on my feet again I’ll see the light illuminating my route.

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