Day 20 lockdown 3.0: Finding beauty in ordinary places

Jan 8th: Bleary-eyed, I headed down to the kitchen to start my day by making a cup of hot chocolate. With one hand full and before starting any other task I conjured up the deep belief that today will be a beautiful day in its own novel way. Like a mantra, I repeated the words. There is no other way I wish to live. If all I did was to search for negativity or doubt my positive thoughts adversity is all I will find. 

Lacking a little creativity today, I read a few pages of a book I’m currently enjoying, to keep me inspired. When motivation melts out of my hands, I go out to search for it in familiar places. My eyes are open only to see the blessings that come with each hour. Keeping this notion in mind, beauty can easily be found in ordinary things, with or without consciously searching for it. It’s like seeing colourful florets bloom through the cracks of concrete paving.

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