Day 21 lockdown 3.0: Living in a bubble

Jan 9th: Three weeks into lockdown with no end date in sight, my life is now defined by living each day as it comes. I honour my daily routine of work and play, that blend together harmoniously through the echoed hours. I graciously give credit to nature and creativity that diligently balance everything simultaneously. With the right ethos, this is a covetable lifestyle defined by 3 simple elements; lots of fresh air, greenery and some vitamin D (sun).

Today, I spent a couple of hours rummaging through the depths of my wardrobe selecting a few pieces to photograph. They’re the same items I used to frequently wear during strolls in Central London or coffee dates with friends, a different lifetime ago, in other words, 2019.

While life has exceptionally changed with no means of turning back the time by unwinding the dial counterclockwise. I’m creating new memories, commencing with gratitude for all that’s within my small scope.

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