Day 22 lockdown 3.0: Biding my time

Jan 10th: When inspiration disperses, anxiety tries to infiltrate. Every time anxiety arrives knocking at my door, I seal it shut with solid padlocks. Leaning with my back against the door, using all my will and power, I keep anxiety out as best as I can. Anxieties an unwelcome visitor, trying to enter my soulful home, that I’ve decorated lovingly with care and attention. Once in anxiety tries to tell me everything is out of place, the standards are just too low and I’ve got a long way to go. Standing my ground the best I can do is tell anxiety to leave politely without pique and that its opinion is worthless in my humble abode. 

Hauling inspiration back, today was a YouTube marathon kind of day. I listened to a couple of videos by Healthy Mindset. Sighing a breath of relief at anything that melts anxiety away. I needed a few words of wisdom, an hour’s worth to remind myself of my inner strength and calibre.

The motivational speeches last around 10 powerful minutes, anything over is a bonus. I keep replaying some. Though I’ve listened to them more than once, they never grow old, I learn something new every time. I listen with full concentration dedicating that time to the words streaming through my speakers, as they pump much needed inspiration into my mind. I needed to hear this is always my final thought.

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