Day 23 lockdown 3.0: It’s the little things that count

Jan 11th: The amount of goodness that’s stored in a bar of chocolate is impressive. It’s remarkable how something so small can deliver so much happiness to those with sweet tooths, i.e me. 

Today’s walk was motivated by a craving for chocolate. I Stopped at the first corner shop that came in my path, to pick up a bar of chocolate. Pleasantly enjoying my small treat for as long as it lasted, as I strolled the streets under the radiant sun. I had stepped out in search of inspiration, little did I know what I sought was seeking me. Inspiration was right there in front of me in the shape of a delicious square and sun rays. 

Cocoa as I know it sparks feelings of euphoria. Though it wasn’t dark chocolate that I held in my hands but a bar of Galaxy milk chocolate. Next time I’ll raise the bar and reach for dark chocolate by Green and Black’s. The sun on the other hand is the elixir of happiness that promotes feelings of calm and focus. With shorter days I make the most of the time I have with natural daylight. Leaving and returning in less than an hour, long before the streetlights come on.

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