Day 24 lockdown 3.0: Daily walks

Jan 12th: Yesterday I was talking to a friend about affirmations and manifesting, amongst many other things. I accompanied her over the phone as she went out for her daily walk. We both agreed the walks were now the highlight of our day. I spoke about the outfits I now wear for my pleasant adventures.

Today I was dressed in my beige coat and scarf, I looked like a caramel sweet. I know very well that trips to Costa Coffee or Tesco will soon turn into a fashion show, the street being my catwalk.

Daily walks have become a thing of the present, a newfound love passed on from 2020. What keeps me stepping out into the London chill are the amazing benefits and fresh air. Regular walks lower blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels. It does wonders for the mind by boosting endorphins and gives me some extra me-time to clear my thoughts. The more miles I put in the better my mood is.

All I need for this simple yet wonderful exercise is myself, a pair of walking shoes, my coat and YouTube. The number of steps varies per day. I choose to take different routes to keep a dissimilarity in my only outdoor activity. 

2 thoughts on “Day 24 lockdown 3.0: Daily walks

  1. I usually have found solace in walking and exercising a bit. Recently I’ve been having some trouble exercising. The dark days and the getting out of work and it’s dark has been difficult for me. Not only that, but we’ve gotten so much snow! It snowed over 20 inches last week, and we’re expecting another 7 tomorrow. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been something to highlight your days xx

    Melina |

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