Day 25 lockdown 3.0: Don’t wait for tomorrow

Jan 13th: Amongst the many hard lessons 2020 taught me one of them was to be grateful for everything I have and only then would I receive more than I expect or even ask for.

I took my youtube marathon to my favourite bench outside Westfield, as the weather had slightly stepped-up, I wasn’t kicked out of my spot by the chilly wind. Facing Marks and Spencers window display, I was in a world of my own. While people walked by in pairs or alone. All I saw was calmness in every direction I turned to look. I imagine this is because of the way I felt, calm, a triumph for my soul.

I spent almost 40 minutes listening to motivational speeches back to back. Each one had a strong message. They reminded me all that I have and need is residing within me, happiness, inspiration, motivation and dedication. I just have to further open my eyes and change my thought process. Making a change is choosing to put the advice I listen to with deep concentration into practice, I constantly remind my-forgetful-self not to let the words come in through one ear and out the other.

Happiness is a luxury that comes from the inside, it’s a reward waiting to be picked up by my hardworking soul.

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