Day 27 lockdown 3.0: Day of reflection

Jan 15th: Today was a day of rumination. Though I’ve been living in the slow lane for the past four weeks, I still kept telling myself I have to stay busy, keep moving. As though I was hiding from something, that may catch up to me if I slowed down. So I slowed down, ready to stand my ground against anything that tried to irk the peace I’m feeling. And, guess what to my surprise nothing came forward. I was done reflecting on negative thoughts and vice versa they were done with me, we were both done with each other. We called it a truce, shook hands and soon parted going our separate ways. Those worries all 90% of them are made up in my head, anxiety, stress. When I feel them returning I’ll wear some mascara, put on my best outfit, turn to the tranquillity of nature and go sit by the water. I’ll light my candle that has calmness written across its side and meditate. I’ll scroll down my YouTube playlist to listen to motivational speeches. I’ll pick up one of the many self-help books sitting on my shelf and start reading. I’ll grab a pen and notebook to jot down a few affirmations. Life is as beautiful as we make it.

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