Day 28 lockdown 3.0: A little retail therapy

Jan 16th: Every visit to Westfield leaves me feeling nostalgic. I walk past the same unlit clothing and cosmetics stores that I once used to spend time browsing in. 

Unable to do any shopping the traditional way, I decided to bring the shops to me, through online shopping, of course. Though I prefer visiting the actual stores, walking aimlessly around from stand to stand, liking something, picking it up, checking the price then putting it back down. And, finally carrying the bag(s) full of goodies home. 

Currently, most stores have an ongoing sale. I browsed through the clearance section of Next. To see if I could pick up some bargains and bargains is what I found in the form of colourful trousers. I was in the search of anything that was wide-leg (to kind of imitate skirts). Next came through with quite a variety of colours. I dropped 8 items into my basket, seeing the total at the end, my jaw dropped too. Deleting a few, I was left with 4 items and hit the checkout button before I changed my mind. 

Now I’m patiently waiting for the arrival of 4 new additions to my wardrobe.

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