Day 30 lockdown 3.0: Breaking bad habits

Jan 18th: I’m taking my blessed time working with both my mind and body to switch off bad habits and tune in the good ones. A healthy menu for the mind is important as equally as it is for the body. Though I don’t stick to a set timing or clock my routine. I still try to follow in my footsteps, return to the places where I found comfort yesterday. Passing my time and energy towards better goals, in oppose to wasting them on bad habits. I’m beginning with smaller daily targets, so my mind and body grow accustomed to new patterns and commit to improving. The key is to gradually adapt to new changes and be aware of them. Goals need to be achievable, desirable and feasible.

Changing habits is like starting a new year’s resolution and trying to keep them going through the duration of a whole year. Personally, this has never been achievable. There are days when I don’t journal, it shows on pages with skipped dates and that’s ok. To give myself a little push I bought a journal that was dated, to track my habits. When I miss jotting affirmations and gratitude lists, I write down what I replaced them with and that could be a day filled with reading and listening to speeches. A great way for me to know where I spent the time.

My carte is pretty simple. I don’t require an extravagant spread. What I’ve laid out on my table are just a few essentials that can be mixed matched; journaling, this has now upgraded to 3 notebooks/ diaries, I like to remind myself of all the things I’m grateful for. Vision board, my physical one is currently a work-in-progress. Healthy eating, though I do love chocolate. Daily walks, both my body and mind thank me for this. Blogging, I find writing very therapeutic. Motivational speeches, currently my go-to I listen to the 10-minute clips during my walks as a part of my 5 a day goodness.

Less is always more.

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