Day 36 lockdown 3.0: Let it snow

Jan 24th: Today would’ve been my millionth walk. How many steps is that now? Probably enough to have walked around the whole of London twice and back without leaving my neighbourhood.

The other day I witnessed the perfect winter weather. Against the chilly breeze, I welcomed any heat the sun could generously share, I could feel the warmth countering the cold, my money was on the sun to win this round and all others after it. I avoided the shade at all cost to get as much vitamin d as I possibly could. The only bare skin on display was my face. From neck to toe I was fully covered in my winter garb. I didn’t dare take my gloves off. This was a good reminder that spring is around the corner, if you think about how fast time is going, it’s almost on our doorstep. I can only imagine what infinite runway the streets will become. It will be a no coat extravaganza, something I’m looking forward to. 

However, just like that the temperature shifted from plus to minus. On my walk yesterday I said to myself “it feels like it’s going to snow”, I could sense the intense iciness that announces the arrival of the coldest weather. The chill went straight through me. I didn’t let my mask slip off my nose for a second. This is turning into my favourite winter accessory despite mask-acne.

And, alas there it was after a day or two of sun, it snowed a little in London this morning. It was just enough for the snow to build up into a thin sheet and soon melt away. I felt a little excitement watching the snowfall from the other side of the window, as always it brought back childhood memories of a time when we’d make any excuse to play outside, I pictured a young me picking up a handful of snow and throwing it against the fence or wall.  The craftsmanship of nature dressing everything in a stunning white cloak will always look beautiful in pictures and from a heated room

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