Day 39 lockdown 3.0: Stop to smell the flowers

Jan 27th: Reloading the BBC weather site every day I was pleased to see the rise in degrees. Anything above 6 would do. I’d spent a couple of days at home. Avoiding yet greatly missing my daily walks. Though the visible ice had melted away I could still sense its presence in the air. Not wanting to freeze through my 3+ layers, staying at home was my only option. I braced the cold for a few mins yesterday as I walked to my local corner shop and rushed to get back indoors. An hour of outdoor exercise was definitely marked off the list.

Today I was back in my natural habitat. Out in the open next to the canal, surrounded by foliage and florets. Slowly breathing in the fresh air as I would whilst meditating, I could feel my energy mentally and physically ascent. The seconds ticked by as I sat still for a few moments. Freezing my thoughts to listen to the birds and leaves shuffling in the wind. As a whole nature has a buoying effect on moods. It does wonders for stress and anxiety when given the opportunity to relax and reflect. Now that time is on my side I make any excuse to sit with mother nature to share our love for peace and calmness.

In other news, every time I write a blog post, right after I’ve published it I share it with my friend to get her to proofread it, see if she can spot the grammatical errors my tired eyes miss. The one thing she always points out to me is my lack of images. As someone who loves photography, I really don’t take enough pictures. For weeks I’ve been saying “I will” but never do. While my writer’s mind tries to engage creatively with descriptive words, I too notice the lack of images. Finally taking action on the advice I’ve been given, I stopped to take some pictures today. 

*will add the pictures once I get a new phone wire*

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