Day 40 lockdown 3.0: Moment of stillness

Jan 28th: Consumed in silence I hear and feel each thought and sensation. Forced to be still with my emotions. I appreciate all that’s in front of me within my vision. I’m in no hurry for the arrival of tomorrow, unless I have a package that’s soon to be delivered. Till then I’ll patiently sit back and wait. 

It’s not often we get to do this. There was once a time when I’d crave a relaxing afternoon, some hours of nothingness squeezed out of a busy schedule. Now that I’ve been given more than what I asked for. I’m doing the complete opposite by keeping myself busy,  just so I don’t have to spend time with my endless thoughts. 

Escaping my mind but why. Reversing this feeling I opened up my gratitude journal and began writing. I wrote and wrote until I felt my anxiety lessen with each word. I’d read out the sentence as they came to my mind. Soon my style of writing started changing. I went from single “I am happy and grateful” lines to descriptive paragraphs on why I was so happy and grateful. I wrote about liking the person I’ve become today and though it’s been a tough journey of self-love I’m grateful to have made it this far and on top.

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