There’s finally a date

We’ve finally got a date, I’m internally screaming at the top of my lungs. Hearing the announcement led me to jump with joy. Though there is still a month to go before I’m back at work or sitting in coffee shops with my laptop, I’m still excited nonetheless. Getting ready for the living room or local walks will soon be expanding to trips to Central London.

Now that the weather’s warming as it does ever so slightly, with gushes of wind attacking from all directions. I’m shredding layers, peeling off the gloves, scarfs and hats until the next brisk autumn and frosty winter. My coat is no longer tightly wrapped, I can fashionably keep it unbuttoned and finally show off a quarter of my unplanned outfit.

My walks being the highlight of my day are getting more exciting, each one feeling more serene. The silence of stillness. I venture towards greenery where I can listen to nature and be in the company of birds while they sing in the near distance at greater heights. While I feel like I wasted this month trying to escape unfiltered negativity, I’m ready to put all the downwards mood behind me and keep pushing forward.

2 thoughts on “There’s finally a date

  1. Congrats! What great news. While I have finally been given a date to get my vaccination shot, things are still tentative in the states. Some states are opening up too quickly, which worries me. I’m really hoping things will start going back to normal sooner rather than later, but we’ll see what ends up happening xx

    Melina |

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    1. That is quite worrying. I have family in California I was there last Feb. Hope to visit again very soon, Im looking forward to being back at work. It’s true I feel like this is all a waiting game. Theres no knowing what tomorrow holds.

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