Biding my time

Out in my garden, relaxing with my feet up in the company of the sun, my long lost friend. With the utmost care I’ve selected a spot that is away from the shade and in full view of the rays. Now that I have all the natural heat reaching me with the full force I’ve been craving, I’d like to pose a very serious question, how’s your wardrobe looking? Now I’m pitching this minor interrogation more at myself. If there’s one thing I can control it’s my closet, what goes in it and what comes out. All moods pushed aside. It’s really just that simple. To distract myself, I’ve had a lot of fun looking over the continuous sales online. I parted ways with the usual suspects saved in my search bar and looked over bags and boots. There were a few items that brought stars to my eyes. One in particular was a chic little pink handbag by Zara. While the bag was on sale, my impulse mood aimed straight for the add to basket icon. Signed, sealed and now delivered. Arriving at my door neatly concealed in its attention to detail Zara packaging. I enjoyed opening up my new treat, carefully peeling away the sticker and unwrapping the tissue paper, revealing the newest addition to my wardrobe. a pretty in pink bag joined by it’s soft to touch leather.

Lockdown has really changed my style immensely. While I haven’t planned any outfits in the past two months, I still find myself appreciating a well put together look. As time ticks by, I’m looking forward to reaching into my wardrobe, keenly picking things to wear for work or out to coffee shops. Though I was never much of a planner I feel this will be the first highlight of starting my day, I’ll appreciate every little thing about normal.

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