Sometimes a wake up call is needed

Finally, a favourable season is set to dawn upon us. I’m caught in that brisk transition betwixt winter and spring when the sun teasingly makes a couple of guest appearances. 

Leaving well behind the deception tomorrow creates. I’m slowly moving with the present time, back to enjoying the doubtless, worry-free journey. How tranquil calmness feels, it’s like being on a long-term vacation, one that I hope lasts forever. This past week was all about moving forward, away from the nightmare of anxiety. 

Back to being my relaxed self again on my feet moving between my daily walks and Costa Coffee, whilst listening to motivational videos, I sigh a breath of relief. Oh, how I’ve missed this. Though in the corner of my mind I know I can’t forget the couple of weeks that crippled my thoughts. At the time I tried to remain as positive as I could, despite how hard it was I attempted to manifest the goodness that I desired. Eventually, I did. Though during my down days I thought it was impossible. I was lost in a dark place, missing the good days, regretting my mistakes that led me to this incredibly low vibe. However, a part of me feels like I needed a little wake-up call. Though the calling wasn’t so little. I was falling into a pit of self-doubt, greatly unbalancing the scale. Taking all the weights away from self-love. Until a discarded nail popped my bubble. With a burst bubble there was nothing I could do. The ripped pieces were all over the place and too small to put back together.

Now… Back to some normality, I’m learning from this experience.

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