Life’s a work in progress

Almost through the second week of March and the month still feels like a blank canvas. Every day is filled with new thoughts and experiences. I’m distilling the value of now, living in the moment. No longer counting the fleeting hours as they tick by, I see them as passing reminders. Once gone they will never come back. That’s how valuable our time is. 

The optic of time is beautiful, better yet it’s precious. My time is illuminated by patience, strength and peace. Appreciating life and living in the present moment, I’m trying to not cheat time or myself with negative self-thoughts. Instead, I’m honouring those extra given minutes that I have plenty of.

Beginning each day I habitually read a single lined prayer, to get my vibration going. Now when I tell myself “today will be a good day”, I feel it. Currently sitting snug on my table is my latest read “Good Vibes, Good Life”, by Vex King. Still in the early pages, but Vex gets straight to the point and speaks about the vibration. I’m learning vibration is just as important as words if not more.

Our mind frame, feelings and words need to be on par with each other. It all begins within. My strive for self-growth is an ongoing timely journey. I’m continuously growing, who I was yesterday is not who I am today. We’re two different people. Each day I’m learning to love my mind, body and soul. Especially on the tough days. When it doesn’t seem possible, I still show up for myself, searching for every positive feeling I can find and hold on to. I’m appreciating and admiring every little thing about myself, including my flaws and glitches, without them how will I learn or better myself.

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