Spring has sprung

Gosh, it’s been another hot minute. I use the word hot ever so lightly, reflecting the current mood of the weather. 

After months of bleak winter, I’m finally spending a couple of days enjoying blossoming spring, typically by the canal, just like many others who are out in their sixes. I’ll take summer’s preview for as long as I can, though I’ve seen BBC’s weather report, this year’s spring heat feels like a limited edition. 

Unlike every other day the benches were all occupied. Choosingly I sat in a place that was completely illuminated by the sun, anything away from the shade would do. Before pulling out my book I took in the calming water and looked on as people passed by. 

The grass was covered with an assortment of picnic mats in all colours and patterns. Along with the chipping by birds, there was happy chatter from people. It was nice to see strangers basking under the company of the sun. The heat as always made everything seem a whole lot better. The mood-boosting rays were a treasure many could do with. Me being one of them. When I felt  the heat hit my back, I stayed put for almost an hour. 

Sunnier days generally have a positive effect on the mood. Keeping an eye on the weather report, I’m beginning to plan my days accordingly. My one-week countdown for being back at work has finally begun.

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