Here’s to new beginnings

A little cheers to the end of what I’m hoping is the last lockdown. As positive as one can be, I found it a little tough halfway through. I can’t put this all down to the weather, as my overly curious and wandering thoughts ended up in negative alleys. With all the given time, they spent a lot of it down there. Needless to say, I am very much happy to be back at work. I’ve created a routine for my passing days and it all begins with dressing up for work or the day as a whole.

I recently picked up the book The Secret. A latecomer, but I got there eventually. After hearing about it over and over again, I finally decided to own my very first copy. Within days I finished the first book. Readily brought the second version and now I’m currently reading my way through the third book by Rhoda Byrne. Two and a half books in and I’m hooked on the law of attraction. Although I can say thanks to past self-development books and motivational speeches I have learnt a fair deal from affirmations, manifesting and gratitude. However, the more I take in the better, there’s no limit to learning.

Alongside Tesco, I spent a good amount of time exploring the shelves of WHSmith. This was the only different store open during the lockdown. My eyes and heart were entertained by the book covers. My room now has a pile of unread books that I call my Lockdown splurge, a source of mindful treasures. Almost every week I was looking to treat myself to something special. Over many visits, I would pass by the book The Secret but always picked up something else. Until one day the cover just screamed out to me. Without much thought, I grabbed one copy and it took it over to the counter. Once the book was bagged I walked out of the store with my quick unforeseen purchase. 

Walking over to the canal in Stratford, I found myself a place to sit overlooking the water. Taking out my copy of the book, I began reading the first few pages. After every few paragraphs, I would stop to indulge in a few thoughts that would arise whilst reading the passages. Those early sheets had me turning me more pages. And now, here I am halfway through my third book.

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