Mini room makeover

Alongside all the decluttering, major changes are taking place in my room. Last Thursday I spent the morning willingly getting lost in Ikea. I walked in and out of every display room. Dreamt about doing up a (far) future apartment. Though I was only there to look at bedroom furniture. I guess this is what neat showroom setups do to you. They have you musing over brand new future projects. Lets just take it one room at a time. To summarize my trip, 70% of it was me trying to find my way around, 25% was looking at things I didn’t need and 5% was spent on inspecting the furniture I picked online.

I’m now patiently waiting for the new furniture to arrive next week. That’s what I call fast-furniture on the go. I’ve done nothing but plan the setting of my new room. Though it will all take shape after I’ve done the heavy work of putting the flat packs together. Spending valuable hours slaving away with the instruction manual dutifully by my side. Can’t wait. After all the sweat comes relaxation.

I’m getting a new chest of drawers and a bed with extra storage. The more storage the better. I’ve already started planning how I’m going to layout most of the drawers. Once they’ve arrived and have been assembled, I know things won’t go according to my mind’s plan. Nonetheless, I am pretty excited.

Clear outs have really become my thing since the beginning of lockdown (last year). Almost every time I’d open a drawer or door, I’d ask myself why do I have this, when am I going to use it, when was the last time I wore that, am I even going to wear it again? Watching things minimise throughout this decluttering journey has really made me appreciate simplicity. Less as they say is always more.

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