A very late update

Bright and early on Monday morning, like a distant alarm clock my doorbell rang, followed by a couple of knocks on the front door. I arose bleary-eyed and headed downstairs to open the door for my visitor. There on the other side stood Ikea’s delivery man punctually early and ready to unload my flat pack furniture from the van and finally into their new forever home. Letting the men do their work, I stepped back and sleepily watched them one by one carry large cardboard boxes up to my room. Once the last box had been set down, I headed back to bed.

With a few days off from work, I was busy handling tools, a hammer in one hand, a screwdriver in the other and an L key not too far away. What I thought would take me one day to complete, actually overlapped by two extra days. Making the bed really did take its toll on me. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy, but boy was that heavy. Though I am pretty pleased with my determined self. I rested for hours after completing it, not waiting to start the chest of drawers until the next day. I woke up the next morning with the soreness I once felt after taking on wall climbing. My body’s more than ready to go back to the gym.

The drawers being smaller in size in comparison to the bed were still heavy. I managed to complete one and waited a day before starting the other. The aches of my tired muscles couldn’t take on too much, so it was one tower at a time. While excited to see the completed look, I kept asking myself if this is even worth it. Yes, yes it is, was my internal response. I kept moving the furniture around placing them in different locations to see what worked. 

Now I’m currently busy organising, decorating and using up things I no longer have any use for or never did have any use for, but impulse shopping happens.

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