Summers full of treats

In contrast to the typical mood of a Monday morning, I’ve got that I woke up at 9am vibe. Oh, how I’m enjoying t-shirt weather, this truly is a temporary myriad of opulence. Feeling snug as the sun gently kisses my skin. I know I’ll soon be breathing these memories when winter comes racing in. Of course, I raised my straight out of the fridge water bottle to the rays. But I did so whilst standing in the shade. 

My room’s doused by a scented diffuser that’s finely filling the air with its essential jasmine oil particles, a dream for the senses. Though I’m in no rush to be anywhere fast, my craving for a delicious, chocolate square the size of a post-it note has got me making leisurely moves, enjoyably in this humidity.

I made a short trip to Walthamstow Village, to stroll the same roads as I did so during all three lockdowns. Only now I was no longer walking through deserted streets alone. The normality of enjoying all the community feeling Orford Road has to offer was back. I stopped by a wonderful bakery, with its neutral coloured walls, layers of deserts and a sweet ambience. 

Upon entering I walked a short distance around the front of the bakery, guiltily passing all the fresh colourful produce. There sitting high and looking divine on Eat17’s counter were a variety of dark brownies at perfectly unmissable eye level. They looked heavenly delicious in their glass display. Without much thought, I repetitively picked my usual rich, fudgy, soft-textured Bueno Brownie. That came with extra chunks of Bueno dotted on the artfully scribbled crispy surface. No top layer is ever the same.

Full of the right amount of sweetness, goo and squidge, the only mess I like to see is on this brownie. I left the place bidding farewell to the freshly baked aroma as I closed the door behind me.

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