I’m claiming this month

It was mid May when the rumours of a heatwave began. At the early glimpse of June, the aroma of roses flourished, lingering pleasantly in the warm air. Powered sunsets embraced the late hours of June, as I watched the fiery sun settle behind the breadth of seedlings I claimed this month. Thus far I’ve seen grassy parks, bursting blooms and a series of miniature personal wins that I am grateful for and proud of. This month will be remembered for years to come and will go down in (my) history as the best month. Although I am optimistic there will be future months that will match that, with more goals rising on the horizon.

Aiming for the stars, I’m joining the 5 am club. Awakening at, well, 5 am as an option and my new norm. Though this isn’t the case every morning, the snooze button has been tapped a few times, however, that’s ok as it’s still a treat to wake up at 9 am. Before I began struggling with the super early rising, I prepared myself by getting to bed early and stocking up on some eye creams by a few golden brands that I’ve grown to trust and love over the past decade or so. Catching the affluence of the early natural light really does embolden calmness. My routine at this early-bird hour is pretty simple and straightforward. In complete silence, while the rest of the household is asleep I begin with some yoga at beginners level for 10 minutes. Though it’s a light workout, yoga still releases good levels of dopamine. I then sit back and meditate for 30 minutes. Once I open my eyes I already have my journal and pen beside me ready to be filled with affirmations, a gratitude list and goal settings. Goals can be anything I keep mine short. I lastly take some time to read a nonfiction book, where I can learn something completely new, I’m currently reading Break The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza. The duration of this time varies each day.

Landing somewhere in the clouds the emptiness has since dissipated. The strength it takes to open my eyes really early does cultivate self-discipline and puts me in control of my day. I do ensure I get seven hours of sleep, something I can’t go without.

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