New things planned ahead

Today, I arrived early to work, there were still fifteen minutes remaining before my daily grind started. I headed straight up to the staff canteen and proceeded to make myself a lovely cup of hot chocolate. Saying hi to a couple of colleagues I sat at a table near theirs and began reading my book based on habits. Unable to concentrate I stopped and just leaned back. Overhearing the discussion between my two colleagues, I quietly listened to their conversation on dressmaking. One in detail spoke about the top she was wearing, how she had created it and where her inspiration came from. Listening to her enthusiasm put a smile on my face. I couldn’t help but think to myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by creatives and hobbyists who are putting their skills and talent to good use.

Since returning to work, I have watched and listened to another one of my colleagues ( and friend) take an unpredictable plunge and start her clothing brand Styled by Eba from scratch. The first time she happily spoke about her new project, I was excited for her. She showed me snippets of some of her first creations and gosh I was in awe over her kaftans, they were absolutely stunning. Following her on Instagram, I never missed a single story and double tapped on those very images as they were uploaded, I was one heart amongst hundreds of other likes she had gotten (from potential future customers). As weeks went on I continued to watch her brand take shape, new stickers were delivered, followed by elegant labels printed with her logo on them. Made-to-order fashion feels exclusive and personal, knowing that someone is spending their love and energy creating a beautiful, well thought of piece just for you.

Seeing her and others’ passion and dedication has given me a little creative boost. A zest to get back to the drawing board. My drawing calendar for the past twelve months has been very sparse. Around this time last year, I completed my last intricate artwork (pictured). After plucking this piece out of the archives, I looked back and thought wow did I really create that masterpiece. Pulling out my notebook I began to brainstorm ideas. The start of a brand new journey. Though the page looked a little messy with lines and arrows leading everywhere, I know all too well there is beauty behind this blueprint.

2 thoughts on “New things planned ahead

  1. It’s amazing what being among other motivated individuals can do for yours, isn’t it? I think that’s why it’s so important to pick who we surround ourselves with. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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