DKNY: A first of many new designs

Sunday 1:00 P.M ready to begin my renewed journey through art. That I’ll start one day has finally arrived, after countless weeks. Up and running in front of me is a familiar scene. It’s been a while since I last opened Photoshop. This time I’m not staring cluelessly at a blank page. With the internet being filled with numerous art competitions and opportunities, I found just the right brief to get me started. Drum rolls, please.

I’m registered to a website called Talent House, a global platform for creative individuals to share their work, be inspired and participate in creating content for real briefs set up by renowned brands. The one that caught my eye was by DKNY, to design a new logo for their brand. With DKNY’s rich design history, the brief primarily was to go big, go bold and go vibrant, basically Manhattan in colour.

To begin I jotted down keynotes of all things Manhattan, all I could come up with was the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, yellow cabs and Dunkin Donuts. Taking a phrenic approach I opened up Google maps to get to know the city from a different perspective. Whilst exploring Soho from a bird’s eye view I wasn’t only looking at equilateral blocks or numbered roads, I was staring right at my design idea.

Drawing a road map of Manhattan in the shape of DKNY’s logo was the easy part. With Photoshop’s pen tool I drew straight lines going in all directions, some short, some long and some with slight bends, but nothing as curvy as Regent Street, London. While I mainly concentrated on the size of the layout and less on the rendering, I do wish I had paralleled the time. 

Overall I am pleased with the final piece and see this as a great starting point. Raising my mug of hot chocolate, here’s to more briefs and stepping well out of my comfort zone.

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