Throwing in a small splash of colour

As per usual I had picked a coffee shop on the far end of Westfield. With floor to ceiling windows and a top story view, it is my favourite location to relax, unwind and work (on my laptop). Heading straight there I did a little window shopping along the way. Passing H&M I took a small peek inside and caught sight of their new season’s colour collection. The front of the shop was a green tropical paradise, lime green stippled in with white garments. Not entering, I made a mental note to stop at the store on my way back to check out their green parade.

Sitting down with my mint tea (I’m cutting back on hot chocolate). I thought about the colour I had just seen. Doing more than just catching my eye, it got me thinking whether it was time for a change, to expand my collection of neutrals. The pre-lockdown me would like to throw on a few splashes of colour. Not quite orange, yellow or red, however, green doesn’t seem like a bad option, depending on its locus on the colour palette. 

On my return to the store, I was greeted by a shade of green that made me feel a little nostalgic. It took me back in time to my school days when Stabilo highlighters were a must-have for pencil cases, especially green and yellow. While fashion designers have chosen lime green to be the trend-setting showstopper this season, with its strikingly look-at-me bright tone, it’s just not my cup of (green) tea. Not following the lead of chunky felts. I walked around the store to discover other tones of green dotted around. My favourite was the muted pastel green, which will pair nicely with my all beige part black wardrobe.

The spring/summer 2021 mood board is really cheering for nature. Being surrounded by a wash of vivid hues, primarily green really kept me going throughout all three lockdowns. So I’ll celebrate the shade for years to come.

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