The art doesn’t stop

Setting up a neat scene, I’ve once again hauled out my barely used sketchbook ready to take on the next creative competition. Turning the leaf to a blank page, with all its crisp emptiness staring right up at me. Covering only a quarter of the sheet, I start off small by drawing a spider diagram and jotting down some notes. 

Advertised on Talent House, the new brief I’m working on this time is for Bombay Sapphire, to create an eye-catching sunset for their new special edition gin.

Scribbling circles all over the paper, in replication of the sun. Casting a dizzy spell on my ball-pen, now resting on the pad. My train of ideas began with nothing more than a few lines and swatches of colour. In the previous DKNY competition, I concentrated more on the design than I did on the rendering. Learning from experience, I opted to do the complete opposite for this brief. Keeping the keyword sunset in mind, I aimed more towards a colourful outcome and simpler design. The hues of a stunning sunset speaking for themselves. 

I worked on more than one idea, each concept having at least two variations. It took some assiduity to achieve the right results, I was being extra fastidious. The minimal use of colours had to be striking, with the right thickness of lines or shapes of patterns to match. Minimal art as I’ve learnt does require some thought and attention to detail, or maybe that’s just my view. Working on Photoshop, my favourite medium made the process less arduous, as there were a lot of undo’s (ctrl Z) and deleting involved.

Currently, I’m unable to feature the ideas here, I will update and share them in a new blog post when I can.

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